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Are you ready to improve customer service skills, elevate teamwork and build a more respectful culture within your organization?

Supply Your Team With The Tools To Succeed

The ability for your staff to communicate effectively with customers and coworkers is critical to achieving your business goals. The majority of your employees want to do their best at work, but these crucial soft skills won’t evolve naturally. The solution is to empower your staff with hundreds of just-in-time eLearning modules designed to boost their communication skills and improve job performance.

  • Build a customer service dream team
  • Foster a more collaborative team environment
  • Champion a culture of diversity, inclusion & respect
  • Enhance email & business writing skills
  • Develop key interpersonal people skills
  • Capitalize on coaching & mentoring opportunities
  • Improve internal coworker relationships
  • Reduce employee attrition & frustrating staff drama

We offer two platforms to accommodate organizations of every size and need: Basic and Premium. While the content is the same on both platforms, the differences lie in the administrative management tracking system, available resources, personalized branding, additional microlearning modules and support from our Customer Success Team. Let’s explore:

SoftSkillsU is the basic solution – budget access to video lessons and quizzes - intended for small businesses. Annual investment options range from $890 to $2,990.

SoftSkillsU includes:

  • Annual subscription to 200+ soft skills eLearning modules
  • Video lessons, quizzes, feedback and key point reminders

SoftSkillsU is self-serve, e-commerce option which does not include Administrative Management features, branding or client success support.

Over 200 eLearning Modules!

ServiceSkills is the premium solution – includes all the features and is designed for organizations needing to provide team members with a world-class soft skills eLearning experience. Annual investment options begin at $3,490. The “per learner” investment drops as you add more licenses. Request a 10 minute virtual walk-through.

ServiceSkills includes:

  • Annual subscription with 200+ soft skills eLearning modules
  • Video lessons, quizzes, feedback and key point reminders
  • Robust administrative control to assign courses, track learner progress and recognize performance gaps
  • Administrator resource collection – tools to help maximize the benefit
  • Customized branded landing page
  • Phone and email support from our Client Success Team

ServiceSkills is a full service online learning solution that includes powerful Admin Management features plus full client success support.

Side-by-side comparison:

Platform: SoftSkillsU ServiceSkills
Level: Basic Access Premium Experience
Target Org Size: Very Small Small, Medium & Large
Affordable Annual Fee for Group Training yep yep
22 Best Selling Soft Skills Training Series yep yep
Customer Service, Team Building, Respectful Workplace yep yep
200 Individual Video-based eLearning Modules yep yep
Quizzes, Answer Feedback, Keypoints yep yep
87 Customer Service Micro Lessons -- yep
Phone and Email Client Success Support -- yep
Admin Resources -- yep
Admin Tracking, Assignment, etc -- yep
Personalized Branded Landing Page -- yep
LMS Courses Availability -- yep
Group Size Up to 15 learners Up to 10,000+ learners
Annual Investment $890 - $2,990 $3,490 and up

Ready to get started?

Proven eLearning Library Includes:

Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Training Series

Telephone Doctor® Customer
Service Training Series

Diversity, Inclusion & Respect In The Workplace

Tools to Develop a
More Respectful Workplace

Email Etiquette & Business Writing Skills

Email Etiquette &
Business Writing Skills

Team Building And Collaboration

Team Building
And Collaboration

Coaching, Managing & Conflict Resolution

Coaching, Managing &
Conflict Resolution

Virtual Meetings & More

Virtual Meetings
& More