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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is SoftSkillsU?

SoftSkillsU is a proven online learning platform that develops customer service, team building and communication skills for small business staff. This all-inclusive, buffet-style learning system offers your organization complete access to nearly 200 skill-driven learning modules spread across 22 distinct training series. Topics include the full spectrum of customer service: phone skills, team building, employee relations, email etiquette, conflict resolution, mentoring, respectful workplace and management topics.

This interactive platform features video lessons, quizzes, answer feedback, key point reminders and certificates of completion.


2. What training series are included with our subscription?

SoftSkillsU includes the following communication skills training series. You may view an online clip from each series here.

Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Series – 12 modules - America’s favorite communication training series hosted by customer service expert Nancy Friedman.

Service MattersSM Roundtable Series - 12 modules - Learn from six service superstars who share their strategies about providing world-class service.

ServiceSimsSM Challenge Series - 12 modules - Engaging simulations feature wrong-way service situations followed by two distinct paths.

Email MattersSM The Art of Better Service - 19 modules - Effective email communication is a fundamental component of everyday business life.

That's Just RudeSM Exploring The Rudeness Matrix - 6 modules - Rude behavior is the enemy of great customer service. It hurts interactions with both external customers as well as internal ones…your coworkers.

Basic Selling SkillsSM From A - Z Series - 26 modules - This alphabet soup of ideas is loaded with skills and techniques to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a customer service or telesales position.

Generations@Work: Leveraging the Potential of Millennials – 8 modules – Identifies how to avoid misunderstandings and frustrations from age-related differences as well as how to best harness the power of the youngest generation of employees.

How to Ruin a Virtual MeetingSM Series - 12 modules - This awareness-building series takes a humorous look at some common virtual meeting faux pas.

How to be a Terrible Team MemberSM – 11 modules – Uses humor to demonstrate how several commonly-encountered workplace personalities can wreak havoc on morale and productivity.

What to Say WhenSM Team Building Series – 10 modules – Just-in-time team building and communication courses feature Human Resource expert Hugh Murray.

8 Keys To A More Respectful WorkplaceSM - 10 modules - Illustrates eight fundamental concepts at the core of building an enlightened organization.

WACTEOSM Internal Customer Service Series - 8 modules - Internal team member issues negatively affect our ability to operate efficiently and will hamper our efforts to deliver great service to our customers.

Neurodiversity at WorkSM Series - 6 modules - The goal of this course is to introduce the concept of neurodiversity and the advantages associated with increased awareness.

What to Say WhenSM Conflict Resolution Series – 10 modules – Just-in-time conflict resolution and employee relations courses feature Human Resource expert Hugh Murray.

HoundvilleSM Animated Workplace Series – 10 modules – Colorful lessons bring awareness to common personnel dilemmas in an upbeat and humorous way.

Managing Remote TeamsSM Series – 10 modules – With new ways of working come new challenges and the need to adjust management styles to reflect the freedom and flexibility of hybrid workplaces. This series teaches practical solutions to maximize results when managing remote or hybrid workers.

Coaching: The Power of QuestionsSM Series Helping Team Members Succeed – This course puts an emphasis on teaching managers about the power of questions by showing the importance of helping team members think for themselves. Employees who arrive at a conclusion because they have thought through the issues are more likely to buy into that decision.

Setting Performance ObjectivesSM Series Gaining Commitment – Performance objectives can be as specific, agreed upon and as time-bounded as you like, but unless they are actually achieved, they're useless. This course provides new insights into getting team members emotionally and intellectually engaged in achieving their objectives. The manager plays a key role in engaging their people so that they want to achieve their agreed objectives.

Delivering FeedbackSM Series Fixing Performance Problems – Whether it's at an appraisal or part of an everyday interaction, delivering feedback is one of the most important (yet difficult) skills an effective manager needs to develop. Managers will learn to use the C.E.D.A.R. model to prepare for and engage in constructive feedback sessions.

Behavior-based InterviewingSM Series A Question of Evidence – Behavior-based interviewing techniques demonstrate a method of establishing whether or not a candidate possesses the competencies you need based on evidence of past performance.

Using Competencies SuccessfullySM Series Communicating the Way We Want People To Work – Illustrating how to use competencies in appraisals, promotion interviews and for self-development. Your team learns how to apply your organization's competency framework to the way they work.

What to Say WhenSM Mentoring Series – 10 modules – Just-in-time supervisory, coaching and management training courses feature Human Resource expert Hugh Murray.


3. What does SoftSkillsU include?

SoftSkillsU is a turnkey platform that will immediately help your staff improve their communication skills. A subscription includes...

  • Access to 200 online video training courses
  • Post-module quizzes
  • Quiz feedback and explanations
  • Printable key points
  • Certificates of completion
  • Ability for learners to email their test results to a supervisor

4. How much is the investment in SoftSkillsU?

Access to this proven soft skills training is through annual subscription. The annual investment for a SoftSkillsU subscription in available in three options:

  • $890/year for up to 3 learners
  • $1,290/year for up to 5 learners
  • $1,990/year for up to 9 learners
  • $2,990/year for up to 15 learners

There are no contracts or strings attached. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll happily refund your investment within 7 days. Use the pull-down menu on the order form to select the investment that’s right for your team. Click here to view pricing options and order.


5. What are some features of this platform?

  • Team members learn at their own pace - when it’s most convenient for them.
  • Ideal solution for multiple locations and work-from-home team members.
  • SoftSkillsU has been used previously with great success at thousands of organizations of all sizes.
  • Staff recognize and appreciate the investment in their development.
  • Every position becomes more enjoyable when you have the proper tools to do the job!

6. What do existing clients say?

Dave U.

Effective and fun customer service learning tool.
"The courses are relevant and fun to go through. The concepts are short and to the point. The humor makes it fun to learn."

Tonya C.

Positive reinforcement training for call center reps.
"Teaching reps how to handle tough customer service issues by providing the best resources to turn a bad call to a great call! Easy for reps to use, one rep said to me "If I have a challenging call, I like to go watch a video to calm me down." They use videos to start their day as well! Education that provides service based..."

Sandi W.

Very convenient and effective training programs.
"The convenience of logging on at any time and working on the modules. The information is so appropriate to the expectations we have of our staff members and they can quickly apply the skills."


7. How can this platform improve our performance?

Investing in the SoftSkillsU platform will improve your organization’s performance in many ways.

  • Your clients will be happier thanks to a staff that’s better equipped to provide world-class service.
  • Your top line revenue will benefit from maximizing upsell and cross-selling opportunities.
  • It's more expensive to replace a customer than it is to keep an existing one. Better service means losing fewer customers.
  • Improved teamwork and employee relations equal less friction at work. Employing proven techniques to handle challenging interactions is key.
  • A more respectful workplace means employees who are more satisfied and productive at their jobs.
  • Better internal communications translate to a smoother running operation.
  • When team members possess the skills they need to perform well, they’re less likely to disappoint you or leave due to frustration. This means a reduction in staff turnover, a major cost to organizations. Improving the staff you already have saves money and time otherwise spent on recruiting, interviewing and training.

8. How do I order a SoftSkillsU annual subscription?

Click here for secure online ordering. We'll have your team members up and learning within one business day!


9. How do I register and create my training accounts?

The first step is to place your order.

  • You'll receive a unique Registration Code via the e-mail address info@softskillsu.com.
  • Open your browser and go to SoftSkillsU.com Click on the "Login" menu option, then select the "Register" menu item, or click https://softskillsu.com/registration/
  • Fill out the form by entering your registration code, first and last name, email, password, and password confirmation. Submit the form.
  • After submitting the form, you will be redirected back to the login page. Use the username and password you created during registration to log in. Once the learner logs in, they'll be directed to the training page where they can view the videos, review the exercises and key points and take quizzes.
  • Use your unique registration code for each new account you create. Each time a learner is created, the total number of learners you purchased is deducted from the registration code.

10. Can I track our learners’ progress?

Courses are available for each logged in learner to view and learn at their own pace.

While SoftSkillsU offers a basic experience and does not include administrative tracking for managers, there are two ways that your learners can report in order to track their progress. First, the learner can email the quiz results as they complete the training to any email address they wish. Alternatively, the learner can print their completed training record from their profile. For organizations interested in full admin tracking and access, please visit SoftSkillsU's full-service cousin, www.ServiceSkills.com.